EDTC 6325

Educational Communications

This course addresses the development of instruction for e-learning environments. Learners will use a research-based rationale for the selection and utilization of technologies for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating instruction using an open source courseware management system. Learners will also explore the potential of 3-D virtual environments for instructional applications. Lec. 3, Cr. 3.

E-Learning Project: This project is essential to help communication instructors combat apprehension about online teaching and to effectively prepare instructors for online teaching. During this instructional training, communication instructors will learn how to create an online communication course that adhere to university and departmental student learning objectives.

Cooperative Project: Second Life, a 3D virtual world, is an immersive learning environment where students can learn and collaborate with people from across the world via the internet. Second Life can be used as an educational tool that can teach students about different subjects within the 3D worlds that they visit. Our project concentrates on teaching students about space and space exploration, and uses educational strategies to get students excited to learn about the different planets in our solar system. Our wiki will contain our collaborative project and its elements and will discuss our experiences to include the advantages and disadvantages of using Second Life to educate our students.

* Please note: The projects listed above may change. Please list and link to the course
projects you developed.